Galewood: Roofing, Tuckpointing, Sealcoating


  • Galewood’s Tuckpointing Division can handle any size job. Galewood also specializes in residential work.
  • We match existing color and brick type as close as possible and perform standard flush joint or struck joint on request. We DO NOT use a protruding (sausage joint). This type of joint can be subject to water infiltration and cause tuckpointing materials to deteriorate at a more rapid rate.
  • Galewood can tuckpoint 100% or as necessary to service existing tuckpointing. Please note “as necessary” tuckpointing even when matched closely, makes existing tuckpointing pale in comparison. Therefore, it does not have the aesthetic quality of 100% tuckpointing.

Our tuckpointing and masonry repair services include:

  • Brick work
  • Chimney repairs
  • Tuckpointing
  • Waterproofing
  • Caulking
  • Lintel replacement
  • Building cleaning